Caring for the Environment
Caring for the Environment

Environmentally conscious actions require no drastic measures. The public must understand that the responsibility for caring for the environment rests on everyone’s shoulders. This is why educating people about the importance of daily small actions is imperative for our future successes. Additionally, individuals must understand that making conscious efforts to care for the environment does not require difficult changes to their lifestyles.

To protect the environment, consider incorporating these five suggestions into your daily routine. For more information, please reference the link.

In order to properly dispose of trash, it must be placed in a can or receptacle. Many pieces of garbage can be reused and even recycled. This means that separating waste is important so we can properly put it in a designated receptacle.

Bringing food from the store into the home involves a lot of plastic and unnecessary air pollution. By growing your food at home, you avoid this problem. Additionally, growing your own vegetables doesn’t use any pesticides that could harm your health.

IEMA, the Institute of Energy and Environment, reports that cars release 72.6% of the gases released into the environment. Consequently, walking or cycling short distances helps reduce the environmental impact of cars on the world.

When leaving home, close off all faucets and dim lights. Also, don’t use water hoses and electricity irons when leaving the house. Additionally, don’t use washers and dryers when away from home.

The “Law on Crimes against the Environment” gives environmental criminals prison sentences of six months to one year and fines up to $1,000. It states that it’s illegal to abuse or hunt wildlife without authorization. Additionally, it’s illegal to hunt or chase down migratory animals. It’s also illegal to capture wild animals for use as pets or for hunting. As reported in Article 29, purchasing or abusing animals is also a crime.

Everyone has a duty to care for the environment and keep it healthy!

The following information is found in the Safety Toolbox. It outlines five reasons to work safely.

Anyone can use basic types of fall protection. The toolbox explains which options are available.

Before starting work, employees need to attend safety talks. These talks help employers implement the health and safety team’s ideas.

This material is meant to demonstrate an abstract idea, so it must be personalized by an employee of the HSE — typically a health, safety or environment specialist. It’s important to note that generic safety talks don’t work in this situation. The goal of safety talks is to convince the other participant to accept their responsibilities. Only the person leading the discussion should hold this title!

The Safety Toolbox Talks provide useful information about safety procedures.

Ministry of Environment (MMA)

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