Sun Protection – Safety Talks

Sun Protection – Safety Talks

28/10/2023 Leitura: 2 min

Sun Protection – Safety Talks. At some point, we have all been sunburned. Sunburn is the effect of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on the skin. Ultraviolet light falls on us every day. But now there is less protective ozone in the atmosphere and the risk of exposure has increased. UV rays […]

Firefighting Training

Firefighting Training

22/10/2023 Leitura: 3 min

Firefighting training is a critical skill in our society, with the potential to save lives, properties, and valuable resources. This training aims to provide fundamental knowledge on how to deal with fires safely and effectively. We will cover the basic principles of firefighting, safety equipment, extinguishing techniques, and prevention strategies. […]

Safety Toolbox Talk: Chainsaws

Safety Toolbox Talk: Chainsaws

11/02/2023 Leitura: 3 min

A chain can become caught and stop suddenly. This causes the chainsaw to move in the opposite direction, towards the operator. The chain’s teeth remove small slivers of material at breakneck speeds. The chain’s sharp cutting blade allows it to trim 1/4-inch chips from material. Chainsaws can produce a loud […]

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