Powerline Contact
Powerline Contact

Power cords often lead to fatal accidents and serious injuries.
Accidents involving heavy equipment such as excavators, dump trucks, boom trucks, cranes and excavators often occur.
Know the movement of power cords and other ladders, pipes, scaffolding and siding before moving them. Each item should be handled carefully because of their weight.

Avoid Powerline Contact by taking appropriate precautions.

Prior to construction, the constructor must create written procedures outlining the equipment’s possible electrical power line interference.
Employees and employers need to understand these procedures and use signs and warning devices.
Keep these safety practices in mind when working near power lines.

High-voltage power lines shouldn’t be stored near any materials or equipment.

Always heed any warnings or indications.

Guide power cables and power implement operators using beacons.

Providing warning when approaching legal minimum vehicle separation is required.

Establishing ladders or scaffolding above a power line requires keeping the objects at least an arm’s length away from the wires. Moving these workbenches always ensures minimum distances.

Safety Toolbox Talk: Chainsaws


Look up the utility company to figure out line voltage.

To stay safe, it’s important to learn about safety threats.

Follow these steps to avoid leaving fingerprints on the power cord:

Don’t ever touch the floor and the machinery at once.

Have someone call the utility company to close off their power supply.

Instead of removing the device from power cords, avoid leaving devices with utilities.

If you don’t turn off the power, the fire will force you to jump through windows without hindrance.

Equipment that comes into contact with power cords should be kept away from everyone.

Using timing relays safely requires consideration. A timing relay can tripped and power can be restored even after the line breaker has tripped.


Before delivering your review, point out all signs and warning devices in the company’s written procedures.
Display the table below with the minimum clearances allowed for each program.

What is DDS and why is it important?

Before beginning any work-related activities, employees should attend safety talks. This is an important task for human resources managers.

The Safety Talk is a generic presentation intended to represent the front of a theoretical service. Therefore, any Safety Talks must be adjusted to the front of the work by an HSE professional or company leaders working in the Health, Environment or Safety department. This applies to any Safety Talk that the individual may need to do.

Safety at home

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