Safety Toolbox Talk: Safety Responsibilities
Safety Toolbox Talk: Safety Responsibilities

Health and safety must be maintained at all times during construction. This is important because dangerous businesses can lead to injuries.
Taking an active role in your life begins with understanding your responsibilities.
When looking for help, it’s important to understand the responsibilities of other people.

All people have a responsibility to keep themselves safe.

Personal accountability and adherence to a certain set of standards could lessen health and safety risks.
The Construction Projects Regulation and Occupational Health and Safety Law define responsibilities inside the workplace such as builder, employer, supervisor and worker.

Listing all workplace responsibilities/duties (e.g. Safety Responsibilities).

Ensure compliance with all safety regulations, policies, and procedures.

Including PPE, wear at least two pieces of protective clothing.

Make sure to alert safety personnel or supervisors about any safety concerns you have.

Proper lifting techniques should be used when lifting heavy objects.

Keep an eye out for signs and warnings about safety.

Immediately report any injuries or accidents to a medical professional.

Keep work areas neat and orderly.

Frequently attend training and safety sessions.

Prevent fires and other hazardous situations by taking necessary precautions.

It’s important to use tools and machinery in a safe and effective manner.

OHSA, the builders’ law, contains art 23.

Work processes must comply with the law, as well as employers and subcontractors. This includes employees, subcontractors and even their workers.
All workers’ safety and health must be taken care of.
Refer project information to the Ministry of Labor for review.

OHSA, section 25, refers employers to the information.

Ensure the availability of protective materials and devices.
Each legal process must be fulfilled.
Ensuring the safety and comfort of employees is imperative when providing instruction and information.
Supervise competently.
They should be aware of potential dangers.
Workers should take precautions to protect themselves.
Workers 16 or older are mandatory in all workplaces.


OHSA, article 32 and 27, includes the position of Supervisor.

Ensure the wellbeing of employees is maintained at all times.
Workers must always work safely and in accordance with the law and company policies.
Employers are legally required to provide workers with any protective gear or clothing mandated by law.
Ensure workplace safety by communicating any dangerous health risks or unsafe working conditions. These issues should be raised with the workplace manager if they involve a worker exhibiting violent tendencies.
When written instructions are required, provide workers with information about proper health measures and procedures.

OHSA, art. 28, refers to the employee.

You must safeguard your work environment at all times by adhering to company regulations and occupational health and safety standards.
Ensure your employer or regulations require you to wear any protection necessary wear.
Remove or render inefficacious any safety devices or equipment.
When reporting any hazardous or unsafe workplace conditions, be sure to inform your supervisor or employer of any safety devices that are out of order or missing.
Report any incidents, injuries and violations of the law to the authorities.

People have responsibilities to ensure their own safety.

Ask your crew to show you the “green book,” which details occupational safety and health regulations related to construction projects.

Ask your team to reference the following terms.

Employers have two major responsibilities.
Supervisors have two jobs.

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